RIC temp #2000

Temp №: 2000
Reign Aurelianus
Person Aurelianus
Mint Siscia
Issue 2
Issue name Phase 1
Datation November 270
Officina 2
Denomination Antoniniani
obverse reverse
Obverse coin Revers coin
Obverse mark Reverse mark */–//S
Bust code D1l Reverse code Genius 1
Bust description Bust left, radiate, cuirassed and draped with paludamentum Reverse description Genius stg. l., holding patera in r. hand and cornucopiae in l. hand; on ground to r., standard

Note The three recorded coins share the same obverse die with the coins in L and V with S/-//- and the coins in V and in Bu with -/S//-.
Reference BNC p.346

Specimens of this coin type
Location Reference Quantity Weight Axis Remark
Aufhäuser, 10, 5-6/X/1993, 571 = private collection 1 3.68 1 photo
Rauch, 84, 13-15/V/2009, 803 = Rutten & Wieland, vcoins, 29/VII/2009, 2772 1 4.79 photo
http://www.tesorillo.com = J. Vico 129, 7/VI/2012, 3288 1 photo